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Nawziya Hossen,
Deputy Vice President based in Colombo

Nawziya is responsible for sales in Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Brunei.

email : nawziya.hossen@baurasia.com

Pavithra Samarasinghe,
General Manager Finance

Pavithra is overall incharge of Finance of the regional companies.

email : pavithra@baurs.com 

Vanessa Hong,
Marketing Manager

Singaporean citizen, Vanessa handles the marketing activities of the Company.

email : vanessa.hong@baurasia.com

Koh Boon Tuan,
Office Manager

Singaporean citizen, Koh is an experienced accountant and at the heart of providing reliable data.

email : boontuan.koh@baurasia.com

Susan Sim,
Administrative Officer based in Singapore

Susan is the heart of our company with long experience in logistics, administration and management. She coordinates with both principals and customers.

email : susan.sim@baurasia.com 

Mahendra Gunawardena,
Vice President System Audit

Sri Lankan citizen, Mahendra is overall in charge of system audit in all group companies.

email : gunawardena@baurs.com

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